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STD, Dermatology

Rapid, Effective care:

Service we Offer:

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Diagnosis All Venereal Disease;

Rapid, Effective Treatment: Men & Women

by Experienced specialist

Private & Confidential, Affordable

Consultation, Diagnosis & treatment ; $70

   (if injection needed, $60 additional)

   (if you want laboratory testing, additional; see

    Laboratory section for each testing price)

Discount Coupon given to you for Prescription drugs


  • Genital Rash, Itching, discharge, burning on urination

  • Prostate infection, Scrotal pain

  • Chlamydia, Gonorrhea,

  • vaginal itching, discharge

  • Genital, Labial Herpes

  • Syphilis

  • Chancroid, Genital Warts,  Genital Granules

  • Scrotal, groin  itching

  • HIV(AIDS) Test

  • Impotence ( weak erection)

  • All Skin disease : Acne, Skin Rash, itching, Eczema

  • Poison ivy, Vitiligo, Rosacea, Brown spots (melasma)

  • Urticaria, hives, shingles, Psoriasis

  • Fungus on skin/nail,,Skin granules,

  • Free Condoms (upon Request)

  • Walk-In Welcome, Accepted

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